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The air-conditioning system in your BMW is often overlooked & like most complex systems needs maintenance from time-to-time… With our modern database-driven serviced & calibrated computerised equipment & our  professional experience our IMI-certified technicians can soon have your air- conditioning system serviced & back to full efficiency. Common BMW air-con system problems: Insufficient or loss of air-conditioning cooling Damage to the condenser at the front of the car (stone/impact damage) Dry/old seals allowing the refrigerant to leak Musty smell caused by contaminated microfilters or bacterial build-up in the evaporator & ductwork Benefits of professional air-con system servicing: Ensures the air conditioning system is operating correctly & providing a suitable environment for you when driving – increasing concentration & comfort, providing a pleasant atmosphere while reducing fatigue, tiredness and stress. Ensures windows are demisting properly & quickly in the winter months as the air conditioning system dries the air when used on warmer settings. Reduces the chance of any health related side effects when using the air- conditioning (eye irritations, runny noses, sneezing, headaches etc) Ensure your air-con system is serviced by trained & certified professional technicians in a safe and environmentally-protective manner. Odour & Bacterial Removal Treatment  All air-con systems can be a source of fungal, bacteria &/or other microbes caused by moisture trapped in the evaporator, ductwork & vents. These are then circulated through the vehicle cabin when the blower fans are turned on. This can lead to unpleasant odours, allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, drowsiness, chest tightening & general fatigue. Our air-conditioning decontamination service eradicates the bacteria that can build up within the air conditioning system ductworks & vents. We release a dedicated treatment through the air intakes & venting systems - this treatment removes any unpleasant odours, leaving your BMW interior smelling clean & fresh. We recommend that this service is carried out once a year in order to keep your air conditioning system as clean as possible & protect your health. BMW air-con, BMW air-conditioning, air-conditioning servicing, air conditioning regas, a/c  regass, a/c recharge, a/c service
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Standard Air-Conditioning Servicing: - Extract old A/C refrigerant & A/C lubricant - Vacuum system for 25mins - Automatic-leak test system - 5 minutes - Renew A/C system oil & add UV leak detection dye - Recharge A/C refrigerant to BMW specifications - Test system.                                                                                                                                      £69.95 inc VAT  Air-Conditioning Servicing & Decontamination: - Check condition & tightness of drive belts - Check compressor operation - Check aux-fan operation - Extract old A/C refrigerant & extract old A/C lubricant - Vacuum system 25mins - Automatic-leak test system - 5 minutes - Renew A/C system oil & add UV leak detection dye - Recharge A/C refrigerant to BMW specifications - Perform A/C decontamination treatment - Test system                                                                          £94.95 inc VAT   Diagnostic/Leak-Testing  Diagnostic ~150psi nitrogen pressure test, vacuum (negative) pressure test, & up to 30 min of diagnostic pressure testing to verify system/locate leaks. Any further works required are discussed & charged additionally at our standard workshop rates.            £39.95 inc VAT 
* A/C servicing for R134A systems only