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Performance ECU Remapping

With many years experience in the field, IMI-Certified Advanced Professional Tuners & utilising one of the slickest file-support file  management systems, choosing Iridium for your  performance BMW ECU remap is a wise move to gaining more power & torque for your BMW or M-Power! 

All our remaps include a comprehensive pre-&-post remapping  diagnostic to ensure your car is suitable for tuning & will perform at its  best, & all our remaps come with a 14-day money-back  satisfaction guarantee for your peace-of-mind!


Powerflex Bushings

We have supplied & fitted  Powerflex  bushes for many  many years. 

Put simply we  believe they are the best!  From quality of manufacturing  through ease of fitment to  longevity & performance, if  you want to sharpen your  chassis response ask us to  supply & fit your Powerflex  bushes today!

bmw eibach

Eibach Suspension

With decades of experience  across all forms of motorsport  right up to Formula 1, Eibach are at  the forefront of suspension  technology.  

Unrivalled manufacturing  quality & exceptional  performance provide the best  suspension upgrade for your  BMW. 

As us today how we can  help your BMW’s appearance  & handling!

Red Line

Red Line Lubricants

One of the best lubricants  available, & that’s it!  

Fully synthetic, outstanding  performance & widely used in  high-end motorsport, if you  value your mechanicals then  ask us about how Iridium &  Red Line can help your BMW or M-Power!

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