Performance Remapping For Your BMW

Release the hidden power in your BMW!

Iridium can offer BMW owners the highest quality performance BMW ECU remapping at our professional workshops in Southampton. 

Up to 35% more power & 30% more torque


Virtually every vehicle on the road has a tuning set-up that is a compromise!  BMW, like other manufacturers, needs to accommodate various global markets, with different emissions regulations, varying climates with extremes of heat, cold, humidity, different fuel qualities; different operating altitudes, etc. To achieve this it makes considerable compromises in the standard vehicle ECU programming.  We can safely optimise your engine tuning releasing more power, torque & responsiveness! We will not ‘overtune’ the engine or misleadingly quote unrealistic “headline figures”  designed to fool the inexperienced customer just to get a sale - those outfits can potentially damage the engine or transmission - all our remaps are safe, within the design capability of the drivetrain components, reliable & proven for your long-term enjoyment & reliability. We are no quick-buck ‘man-in-a-van’ outfit with mobile number that you can’t reach if something goes wrong - we are a professional established company with an excellent reputation, trained, experienced & insured - and BMW specialists!

BMW DPF (diesel particulate filter) / EGR Removals....

As we are a professional, legal, ethical & socially responsible company we do not remove DPFs or install DPF-off software, so please don’t ask us to! Call us today and release your engine’s true performance potential !  BMW remapping, BMW remap, BMW performance, BMW diesel tuning, BMW turbo diesel performance,
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Up to 35% Increased power & torque* Faster acceleration Smoother / wider torque band Better throttle response Safer overtaking Improved towing capability * model-dependent