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BMW Intake System Walnut Blasting

Restore Lost Power, Improve Idle Quality, Restore MPG! A common fault of modern direct-injection engines, carbon build-up on the back of the intake valves robs you of performance, gives a poor idle, misfires and poor fuel economy. Restore your engine to top condition with our intake system walnut blasting / decarburising service. The carbon build up is a by-product of modern direct fuel injection systems, & affects many models across many manufacturers not just BMW. Back in the day, the fuel used to be injected into the intake manifold, this had the effect of diluting the hot EGR flow, crankcase vapors & turbocharger oil-blow-by before it hit the rear of the valves. Now that the injectors are located in the cylinder head & fired directly into the cylinders, this “solvent wash” or dilution-effect is removed leading to the build up of carbonised debris on the valves. Some indicators that your BMW may need this service: - General loss of power - Flat spots throughout the rev range - Poor or sluggish throttle response - Misfires, particularly when cold - Poor fuel economy - Poor cold idle quality (rough idle etc) We replicate the BMW dealer service by using a portable media blasting tool for this application, with genuine BMW intake port adaptors. After removing the intake manifold completely we use our equipment to ‘blast’ ground walnut shell media into the cylinder head intake ports at high velocity while simultaneously extracting them along with the carbon build up debris. Unlike most blast media, walnut shell media is comparably ‘soft’ and combustible so will not damage the engine when undertaken correctly. The walnut media hits the intake valves and port area at high speed removing the carbon build up without damaging the cylinder head or the intake valve. When reassembling, we include new genuine BMW intake manifold & throttle body gaskets every time. To ensure the continued reliability & performance of your engine we typically recommend this service be undertaken approximately every 50,000 miles.  Prices from just £299 inc VAT. Please enquire for more information regarding your model.