Professional Diagnostics

Professional Diagnosis

bmw diagnostics

Nobody enjoys spending money on diagnostics, but quality diagnosis using the correct professional grade-equipment will save you time & costs in repairing your BMW or M-Car.

As professionals we use the genuine BMW diagnosis system connected to Munich, as well as the professional Autologic system to quickly investigate & diagnose faults.

BMW AOS System

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Iridium are authorised to use the BMW AOS system connected to the BMW factory date in Munich, giving us the latest capability in data & diagnosis functionality.

Our authorisation by BMW to access the official data quickly & professionally allows us diagnose & rectify any issues recored in the vehicle systems.

Autologic BMW Diagnostics

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We use Autologic as one of the worlds leading aftermarket diagnostic suites to provide advanced levels of diagnostic capabilities with programming & coding functionality.

Using the latest software we can provide a thorough & professional service to take care of your BMW or M-Car.

Online Service History Resets

bmw online service history

As we are authorised by BMW to access their Online Service History*, we can professionally register your service efficiently & correctly whilst maintaining your service history.

* service must be completed

Advanced Diagnosis Available

bmw advanced diagnostics

We have advanced aftermarket systems such as digital storage scopes, probes, remapping tools, software updates - whatever your BMW needs we can take care of it professionally!

Give us a call to see how we can help!

Cost Effective Diagnosis

bmw diagnostic

Diagnosis starts from as little as £55 inc VAT. This gives you a full vehicle system scan - not just the engine - and a full printout for your records!

With the cost of replacing incorect parts, its a wise move to invest in a specialist like Iridium!