Professional BMW Swirl Flap Removal

bmw swirl flap

Your engine can be damaged by one of the original swirl flaps in your manifold failing & being sucked into the combustion chamber!


This is a  well known problem for BMW diesel owners with stories of engine replacements being required in some cases! 

But  don’t despair, Iridium can help you avoid this potential time-bomb with our professional swirl-flap removal & blanking service! 

Diesel BMW's feature swirl flaps in the intake manifold to aid air-fuel mixing at low engine speeds. However, these flaps are  known to come loose/fail & be injested into the engine causing extreme, & in some cases terminal engine failure.  

We remove the entire intake manifold,  professionally remove the standard swirl flaps, clean & replace with our aluminium-alloy CNC-machined viton-sealed blanks before reassembly & testing & fault resets. 

This has negligible performance or economy effects to the engine output but totally removes the potential of expensive engine damage through swirl flap or screw ingestion!  

Worry-free motoring! Book in today!  

bmw swirl flaps

Cost Effective Professional Removal

  • 4-Cylinder models just £165 inc VAT supplied & fitted.
  • 6-Cylinder models just £185 inc VAT supplied & fitted.